Desiccant Containers / Static Dehumidifiers

Available in sets of 9 packaged in sealed Fiber Drums or Galvanized Barrels.


  • MEETS MIL-D-3263B standards
  • (supersedes MIL-D-3263A)
  • NSN 4440-00-255-9245
  • Made in the USA

Replacement Indicator Plugs are also available for use when restoring spent canisters according to mil specs.

Product Description


ECHO Industries, Inc. manufactures desiccant containers for use by the US Navy and leading domestic and international defense contractors and shipyards.

Each container is constructed of aluminum and filled with five pounds of white granulated silica gel to meet US Military specifications. The built in mounting handle allows easy installation. The perforated sides retain the granular silica while permitting absorption of moisture directly from the air. A blue indicator plug will turn pink when the silica gel is saturated, prompting replacement of the unit. New canisters are sealed in plastic to prevent premature absorption.