Drawing on Tradition

Operating originally as Adell Manufacturing Co., ECHO Industries has been located in the industrial town of Orange, Massachusetts since 1903. Today, we combine over 100 years of professional metal forming experience with a new 25,000 square foot facility housing more than 40 production presses and equipment. The company specializes in metal stamping and deep drawn metal forming to produce component hardware for a variety of companies and industries across the United States.

Production involves conversion of readily available raw material, in the form of coil or sheet metal, into discrete component items meeting pre-determined dimension and finish specifications. Production lots range from 200 to 50,000 pieces using equipment and tooling operated by a trained labor staff. Auxiliary equipment includes reels, cradles, feeders, straighteners, shears and cushions for drawing as well as spot welders and riveting equipment for custom assembly applications. An in-house tool shop enables us to conveniently and economically rework and repair customers’ tooling and dies.

In addition to job shop capabilities, we offer a line of proprietary products that highlight our deep draw capabilities including open front and lift lid school furniture book boxes, stainless steel ice cream cans, and naval desiccant containers. Any of our standard products may be customized for your application. Our equipment and processes have allowed us to work with the furniture, sporting goods, food services, construction, and defense industries to name a few.


ECHO Industries prides itself on its approach to safe work practices. Regular safety evaluations and reviews have helped ensure that all employees and visitors can count on their own personal safety at ECHO. We have not had a Lost Time Injury in over 6 years.



We are longstanding members of The Precision Metal Forming Association (PMA),

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM),

Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM),

Precision Metal Forming Association (PMA)


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  • Adherence to stringent quality specifications.
  • Input on design and production methods that will help you improve quality and reduce manufacturing cost and lead time.

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