Deep Drawn Metal Stampings

Since 1903 customers have brought unique requirements and deep drawn metal stampings challenges to Echo Industries and we have consistently delivered high quality solutions

Deep Drawn Custom Metal Stampings

The deep draw process begins with metal blanks. Single blanks are employed to produce parts or products with deeper shapes. Throughout the deep drawing process a metal blank is shaped via pressure applied by a metal die.

Deep Drawing Station Types

The deep draw stamping process may entail smaller individual processes to achieve the final dimensions of a specified part. These may include

  • Blanking: Blanking is the process of cutting the initial sheet coil stock into round or shaped flats required for deep drawing. The blanking processes is typically the first station in the press and involves a simple punch and die to cut out an initial metal blank that will then be deep drawn.
  • Drawing: Drawing is the process of forming the metal with a punch and die. The final depth and shape may require progressively smaller series of dies that reduce the shape and increase depth and contour of the part.
  • Piercing: The process of punching holes in the metal.
  • Trimming: Excess metal is cut away to achieve the final dimensions of the finished part.

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